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Celebrating their first birthday these emerging toddlers move onto a new rung on the ladder of learning.  In a motivating environment, children develop a greater awareness of their body in relationship to their surroundings.

One mother told me that “her child surprised her every day with all the little things he does” but then she paused for a moment, and in a twinkling she said, “when you stop to think about it, they aren’t little things, are they — they are really big things!”

Natural Movement Development

Whether creeping, cruising or walking, your one-year old will soon join the other toddlers who are enjoying their newly gained mobility.  Multi-sensory experiences increase your toddler’s spatial awareness.

Expressive Communication

Social interactions encourage rhythm, timing and spatial explorations.  Social interactions also enhance expressive communication skills and toddlers can offer toys to others to begin a dialogue.

Self-Motivated Learning

Coordinating eyes and hands together children discover what they can do.  In self-directed play they set up actions plans and follow a game sequence to reach their goal.    Although new verbal skills are emerging, mastery of their body and environment is fundamental.