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ABME – Amazing Babies Moving Educator

Our programs and workshops focus on the progression of natural movement development in the first year. Participants will gain a comprehensive framework and movement vocabulary to enhance observation skills. This experiential approach will focus on the baby’s natural movement development, functional skills, expressive communication and self-motivated learning.

FloorMoves™ are essential for the development of these basic neuro-physical movements babies naturally perform that build their brain, body and joy of movement.

Social interactions that take place at the baby’s level enhance growing relationships and the bonding process.


A nurturing environment that encourages the baby’s freedom to move and explore in self-directed play builds the baby’s self-confidence and motivation to mastery, that lasts a lifetime!

ABME – Amazing Babies Moving Educator

  • ABM 1 – Level 1 Participants will receive a professional Certificate of Completion
  • ABM 2 – Level 2 is open to participants who have completed ABM Level 1

The ABM unique Developmental Movement Framework from Birth to Walking:

  • Pre-Locomotion Baby – newborn – 5 months
  • Locomotion Baby – six months – 12 months

This framework is streamlined to enhance observation skills and identify essential movements at each stage of development

Program Directors

  • Beverly Stokes CMA, MPA is the Founder/Director of Amazing Babies Moving.
  • Dr. Louis Stokes, PhD is the Administrative Director.