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Amazing Babies Moving® Professional Training Programs

ABM/TT Program

Train the Trainer Program



The ABM Train the Trainer Program is a customized program for In-House Centers, Organizations and Day Care Centers to teach Child Care Providers and Staff the innovative Amazing Babies Moving Program that has a significant influence on the babies development and their families.

The Amazing Babies Moving (ABM) Programs began in Canada in 2003 with programs held in Toronto and locations in California.  The first In-House Developmental Movement Program for Day Care Staff was held in Canada with Little Lions Waldorf Daycare and Kindergarten Staff and Resource Teachers.

Program Sponsor Comments -

“This Training has had an impact on the educators who participated.   It enhanced our knowledge, particularly through experiential learning, and our respect for the infants we work with on a daily basis.”

Program Participants Comments -

“I think every aspect of every day was very valuable.  I especially enjoyed the opportunities to physically experience the movements.”

“I enjoyed this program and I know I will be able to apply this, therefore I know the children will benefit as well — a Domino effect!”

“I like it when we did the movements, then observed the babies do it.  It connected the concepts more clearly for me.”

“I also enjoyed relating each activity to infant development and how this information can be used to support infants and parents.”

“Our morning movement warmup gave me a sense of oneness with my body.”

“Your voice was excellent in promoting a relaxed atmosphere to aid in the unfolding of the movement sequences.”

The videos were great! I enjoyed the discussions – even though we all watched the same vignette, there may be small points you overlook.”

Other ways your Center or Organization can also benefit by doing our program:

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