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Amazing Babies Moving® Professional Training Programs

ABME –  Amazing Babies Moving Educator

Level 2 – Five Day Developmental Movement Workshop


On completion of Level 2 of the ABME/Educator Program, participants will be qualified to teach the 2-Day Amazing Babies Moving Introductory Program to Child Care Providers, Early Childhood Educators and in Parenting Programs.  Our ABM approach will be presented in different formats so that the information can also be integrated into the participant’s ongoing programs.

The Amazing Babies Moving Program from Birth to Walking is designed in two parts:

Pre-locomotion Baby  1 – 5 months

Locomotion Baby         6 – 12 months

In our innovative Baby Program we focus on 3 Essential Areas of development for a Healthy, Happy, Mobile Baby:

  • FloorMoves® for Natural Movement Development
  • Expressive Communication in Social Interactions
  • Self-initated Play from Motivation to Mastery

A comprehensive ABME Instructor Manual for this 2 Day Program will be provided to participants. The ABM curriculum is an in-depth educational, experiential and embodied learning of natural development in the first year.

In this ABME Level 2 program, you will learn to:

  • Teach the essential developmental movement patterns that build the body, brain and joy of movement in babies.
  • Identify preverbal cues and gestures for more responsive, spontaneous social interactions.
  • Create age appropriate environments to encourage movement, interaction and self-motivated play for each stage of development.

You will be introduced to selected themes in our Amazing Toddlers DVD and Amazing Kids 2 & up (video movement research) to demonstrate the natural progression of development from Birth to Three.

ABME Level 1 is the prerequisite for the ABME Level 2 Amazing Babies Moving Educator Program.

Individuals who have successfully completed ABME Level 1 will prepare assigned projects prior to the Level 2 Workshop.  Level 2 participants will teach a Developmental Movement Session, present a Baby Video Vignette and Analyze a Self-Motivated Play activity based on the ABME movement framework. principles and themes.

Amazing Babies Moving Educator Certification Benefits
The ABME Book and DVDs are used by professionals, educators and therapists worldwide.

The ABME Book is translated in 5 languages:  Italian, Spanish Book & DVD, Japanese & Russian.

Our educational materials are used in University and College Programs worldwide: Early Childhood Education, Infant Intervention, Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy, Developmental Optometry and Kinesiology, Somatic, Movement & Music, Yoga & Pilates Programs.