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Amazing Babies Moving® Training
Five Day Certificate Program
with Beverly Stokes

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Beverly’s New Book 
“Your Self-Motivated Baby: Enhance Your Baby’s Social and Cognitive Development in the First Six Months Through Movement” will be published by North Atlantic Books/Random House Oct. 2015.
This vital information for babies and caregivers will be presented in this program.


Developmental Movement Education in the Baby’s First Year
This five day Developmental Movement Training is research based with an integrated approach to observation, analysis and facilitation of natural movement development, expressive communication and self-motivated learning in babies.

Enhance your skills with Babies, Parents and Caregivers
The ABME1 integrated curriculum supports the baby’s movement, social and cognitive development. Developmental Movement sessions every day based on the Amazing Babies Moving Book enhances adult movement integration.

Our experiential program augments the skills of:

  • Professionals, educators, caregivers and nannies who work in the fields of baby development, early child education and early years settings.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists who are interested in baby movement research, natural movement development, expressive communication and self-motivated play.
  • Movement Educators, Somatic Practitioners and Yoga Instructors to integrate the developmental movement patterns into their teaching, practice and workplace for optimal movement in babies, children and adults.
  • Parents, caregivers and grandparents to integrate the developmental movements into their daily activities that refines observation, improves posture and increases vitality in their social interactions.

The Amazing Babies Moving Program from Birth to Walking
The Amazing Babies Moving (ABME) Programs provide participants with a distinctive two-part Developmental Movement Framework in the baby’s first year. You will find it the most effective way to provide this essential information for parents and caregivers to enhance their baby’s physical, social and cognitive development.

Baby on blue mat
Pre-locomotion Baby: 1 month – 6 months
In the pre-locomotion stage, babies are developing their body awareness, organizing patterns of movement, and setting up action plans in self-motivated play. Everyday FloorMoves® prepare babies for the dynamic Locomotion Stage.

Baby crawling
Locomotion Baby 7 months – 12 months
In the locomotion stage, babies move to explore their spatial environment. These fundamental movement patterns provide the essential foundation for babies to become dynamic explorers, expressive communicators and self-motivated learners.


The Five Day ABM Level 1 Curriculum includes:

Developmental Movements
Each day begins with a Developmental Movement Exploration for you. Beverly and teaching staff will assist you to integrate your experience. This kinesthetic attunement prepares us for Parent-Baby observation sessions.


  • Develop observation skills and learn a movement framework and vocabulary.
  • Experience and identify the essential Developmental Movement Patterns.


Social Interactions
Expressive Communication is the meaning in movement. Explore a movement framework to tune into your nonverbal communication and the baby’s expressive preverbal cues, postures and gestures in social interactions.Baby on ball

  • Develop analytic skills for identifying and interpreting the baby’s expressive communication.
  • Experience a dynamic framework to identify the baby’s communication cues, postures and gestures.


Self-Motivated Actions
Create an environment that supports the baby’s movement explorations and pleasure in self-motivated play. Expand your spontaneity to improvise in playful interactions.


  • Develop spatial awareness and body positioning to encourage age-appropriate play activities.
  • Analyze the foundation of decision-making in baby’s goal directed actions and problem-solving skills to reach their goal.


DSC08499 - Version 3Parent-Baby Observation Sessions

The parent-baby sessions provide vital information in how to respectfully communicate with parents. Beverly’s approach effectively supports parents by teaching observation skills and introducing them to new movements that enhance their baby’s development at each stage.

Caregiver and Baby Sessions are scheduled each day to develop and refine observation and analytic skills.


Training Materials

  • The Amazing Babies Moving Book
  • Amazing Babies Vol. 1 DVD
  • Amazing Toddlers Vol. 2 DVD

A professional ABME1 Workbook for participants only will be provided.

Who Should Attend

  • Educators: early childhood, childcare professionals, nurses
  • Therapists: physical, occupational, early intervention
  • Optometrists: developmental optometrists
  • Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers
  • Somatic Educators, Massage Therapists
  • Movement Educators/Dance Therapists
  • Instructors: Yoga, Pilates, Sports
  • Parents and Caregivers


The Developmental Amazing Babies Moving 5-Day Program can be used for:

  • Certified Movement Analysts (CMAs) to fulfill the requirements for their ISMETA Membership.
  • Meet part of the requirements for ISMETA registration as a Somatic Movement Educator and/or Therapist.