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You can view an excerpt from our two videos: Amazing Babies® Moving in the First Year and Amazing Toddlers™ Moving Age 1. Visit our Multimedia section for new educational video episodes. Join us in actively promoting natural movement development – a healthy start for a body-confident, expressive and motivated baby!


The photos on our website will provide you with useful information about your baby’s natural movement, communication, and play development. Look in our Baby Guide and Feature Articles to see them.  Scroll over the photos in the Pre-Locomotion and Locomotion Sliders for the baby’s age.


Podcasts (Coming Soon!)

Your body is amazing! Now technology delivers a convenient way for you to tune in to yourself and explore your movement potential.  We will be offering audio Podcasts in the coming year that you can download to your MP3 player!  These Essential Movement Patterns can be integrated at any age for effortless, efficient movement – in a variety of activities.


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