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  • Newborn active parenting
  • Month 1 fit baby
  • Month 2 motor development
  • Month 3 activities
  • Month 4 exploration
  • Month 5 bonding


Beginning a Developmental Journey Together

Now you are ready to embark on a most engaging journey with your baby in a nurturing environment that you provide.  The importance of moving your body and interacting with your baby on the floor cannot be emphasized enough. By being attentive and moving with your baby, you develop a deep appreciation for her remarkable, unfolding accomplishments during this dynamic first year of life.  Keep a “beginner’s mind” — you have an enthusiastic teacher in your baby!

Observe, Listen and Learn

During the first half-year of your baby’s life she will undergo a dramatic change from lying in a self-contained place, defined by the reach of her arms and legs, to acquiring the ability to move herself from one place to another.  These joyful explorations and interactions happen at your baby’s level, on the floor where “her world’ is unfolding.

Move, Communicate and Interact

Babies thrive on the loving touches they receive from their parents.  It is common knowledge that touching, holding and cuddling your baby in these face-to-face and body-to-body interactions enhance your baby’s sense of  body comfort and healthy emotional development.  You can also enhance this “bonding process”, when you participate in the wide range of Parent-Baby Interactions