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The Developmental Dance

The best way to enhance your baby’s development is to observe what your baby is doing each day and participate in these FloorMoves™ sessions.  So much is happening in this developmental dance, that you won’t want to miss the changes she is actively making as she choreographs her day!   You will also enrich your relationship with your baby by communicating through her own preverbal language of expressive body movement.

Observe, Listen and Learn

During the second half of the first year, your baby will put everything into action.   Babies are no longer content to move within their personal space, as in the pre-locomotion stage.  The locomotion stage is defined by your baby’s ability to move to a new place and gain a new perspective of her surroundings.

Move, Communicate and Interact

You will notice that your baby’s communication skills are expanding and new gestures and postures are added to her preverbal repertoire.  During this time, babies learn to interpret nonverbal messages around them and skillfully maneuver through the complex world of adult behavior.