Your Baby in Action and Social Interaction

In your Tummy Time for Two sessions, do you provide unstructured time for your baby to play on the floor each day?  During these physical interactions with gravity, babies explore their body through touch and movement to develop their body awareness, body image and  body confidence.  In FloorMoves, they are active explorers not passive observers.  Babies learn to move their whole body and develop their handling skills while balancing and practicing new body positions.

On the floor, babies are curious about what’s around them and through their active focus and gestures communicate what they are interested in.  One of our recent photo vignettes is about a baby who directs a play interaction with an adult and she is only 4 months old!  We continue to document the Pre-Locomotion Baby and Locomotion Baby to show the significance of how babies move, move to communicate and move to learn in their amazing first year!

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