You-ness – Your Baby Getting to Know You

The way you cuddle and coo, cradle and rock your baby is unique to you and special to your baby.
You-ness can’t be programmed like a jazzed-up electronic rocker! These digitized mechanical movements cannot replace the intimate body cues taking place between you and your baby.

When you hold your baby, she picks up a variety of body cues from you:

- the focus of your attention
- your facial expressions
- your arm and hand pressure
- your breathing rhythm
- the emotional tone of your voice
- your expressive body actions

Your baby quickly senses how you are feeling. She can tell if you’re relaxed or rushed, delighted or annoyed, happy or upset.

Your baby doesn’t have to put all these separate actions together to understand your nonverbal communication. A synthesis of ‘you-ness’ flows through your actions and interactions and is the foundation of your growing relationship.

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