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The Amazing Babies Moving Program for Educators, Professionals and Parents provides the essential knowledge of natural movement development, social interactions and self-motivated learning in the baby’s first year.

Participants will learn our unique two-part framework that is the most effective way to communicate this important information to actively support parents and babies. You will:
- Experience our Developmental Movement Program that encourages a Healthy Lifestyle for babies and adults.
- Develop movement observation skills to read the baby’s subtle communication cues for more responsive social interactions.
- Learn more about our leading-edge baby research in Video and Photo Vignettes that will provide a new understanding of the baby’s social and self-motivated play abilities.
Join us in this exciting ABM Program. You will be Amazed!

Hot off the Press!
Even babies need exercise, British health agency says-

see July 11, The Associated Press, London – Globe and Mail, Canada

…physical activity should be encouraged from birth, including infants playing on their stomachs… floor-based play encourages infants to use their muscles and helps bone development. It’s vital that parents introduce children to fun and physically active pastimes to help prevent them becoming obese children.”

This is what our Amazing Babies Moving Program, Book, DVDs and interactive website are about

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