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Amazing Babies Moving® Training Five Day Certificate Program with Beverly Stokes, Founder/Director

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Developmental Movement Education in the Baby’s First Year
Attend this engaging training with Beverly Stokes, author and leader in the field of baby movement research and developmental movement education. The ABM Training is an integrated approach that refines observation skills and facilitates natural movement development, expressive communication and self-motivated learning in babies.


New Book! Baby Movement Research
Beverly’s Baby Movement Research will be published in a new book by North Atlantic Books/Random House (2015). This vital information for babies and caregivers will be integrated into this program and her scheduled talks.


Enhance your skills with Babies, Parents and Caregivers
The ABM integrated curriculum enhances the skills of professionals, educators and parents that supports the baby’s movement, social and cognitive development. Participants will positively influence a baby’s development by experiencing the Developmental Movements in the training. Nonverbal movement explorations will attune you to the baby’s preverbal cues in social interactions. New information on the baby’s handling skills in self-motivated play will be presented.


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  1. Hello,

    I’m interested in the training you are giving in Edmonton. I am a Yoga instructor and for 4 years I have been teaching a Mom and Baby yoga class. When I fist started I read your book and really enjoyed it. Now I have a 3 year old boy and a 8 month old girl. I would like to know the extent of the course during the day (from what time to what time) and the cost. Thank you.

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