Parenting through Movement

FloorMoves for You and Your Baby

FloorMoves play with your baby is a delightful daily routine and essential for your baby’s natural movement development. Create a special place in your home with enough floor space for your baby to move and play. On the floor, your baby is safe to explore in a variety of positions – lying on her back, front, or side, depending on her age, stage of development and type of exploration. When you are on the floor, at your baby’s level, she will be content to be on the floor too. With freedom to move, your baby can initiate her own movement explorations and you will observe her making significant discoveries at each stage. She will be developing her body awareness and learning what she can do in age-appropriate play. When she has completed an exploration, she may look up, wanting to play with you, and you will be right there, ready to join in one of her many spontaneous social interactions.
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