Parent-Baby Gazing, Vocalizing, Interacting

Cuddling and gazing attentively at your baby’s face, you may notice your baby is looking just as intently at you. In these face-to-face interactions, parents often engage their baby by their focused attention, exaggerated facial expressions, smiling and vocalizing. A baby’s ability to focus on his parents’ animated facial expressions is the foundation to the development of his visual attention in these intimate interactions.

Vocalize, talk and sing to your baby. In the early months, babies respond to drawn-out vowel sounds like ahh-ohh-ooo and vowel and consonant combinations like woo-woo-woo that grow in intensity. Be patient and notice how your baby responds. From two months, babies can turn their head to each side and this ability lets them regulate their excitement by turning toward or away from stimulation in social interactions.

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