Our Babies are FloorMoves™ Babies

Interact with your baby in a new way! For your Pre-Locomotion Baby (newborn- 5 months) create a space for your FloorMoves sessions every day. This is the movement foundation that gets the developmental ball rolling. Watch with wonder and delight at every little body move your baby makes. The friendly force of gravity is familiar to babies as they ‘learn to move’ and ‘move to learn’ in Tummy Time (see our previous posts).

The floor is your baby’s playground! On the floor, babies have freedom to move, play and interact at their level. In Tummy Time, babies develop body strength, control, coordination and balance.

- Do you move on the floor with your baby every day?
- When did you introduce Tummy Time?

We would like to hear from you the parent and/or caregiver.

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