Natural PlayMoves with Babies & Tots

When parents, caregivers and grandparents move to change levels from tummy-time to hands-and-knees, sitting and squatting to standing, they will have more fun interacting with their babies and tots at each new developmental level.

By moving and interacting with your baby or toddler at their level, you will activate your natural ability to improvise new movement games. This movement foundation will help prepare you physically for the action-packed fun years ahead. By getting involved with these dynamic, energetic movers, you will find yourself playing chase-and-catch games, first on hands-and-knees with your baby and then running after your toddler.

Before you know it, you will notice you are more energetic and agile. One grandparent we know who takes her grandkid to swimming lessons no longer sits in a chair to watch him swim, but now jumps into the pool too. Becoming more involved in these fun-filled physical activities can lead to a healthier active lifestyle for your whole family all the way around.
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