Is Your Caregiver/Nanny/Daycare doing Tummy Time?

A new father expressed his concern in a recent discussion that their nanny wasn’t trained in the importance of Tummy Time for pre-locomotion babies in the first half year.

Many parents are also not sufficiently aware of the importance of Tummy Time in the early months. For the convenience of it, a parent may put their baby in a Bumbo seat, exersaucer or baby bouncer that restricts natural body movements. What they don’t think about is that in these containers:

- babies are positioned beyond their developmental level
- the baby’s spine is upright instead of horizontal
- these containers prevent babies from weight bearing & weight shifting on forearms necessary for reaching

Overuse of infant seats also inhibits spinal movement and active visual exploration because the baby’s body is kept at a 45 degree angle.

What these babies are missing out on is organizing their body in relationship to gravity to move, explore, interact and problem-solve — developing the essential movement skills from motivation to mastery.

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