Independent Sitting – No Props for Baby!

Do babies come to sitting by themselves?  Should I prop my baby up to sit?  When do babies sit independently?

In the second half of the first year, your Locomotion Baby is eager to move forward and up.  Playing on the floor, you may have noticed your 6 month-old baby pushing with both hands together only to discover – his body slides backward!  Or your 7 month-old baby is attracted by the family pet and now he alternates sides in a new reaching pattern to belly crawl forward.  Maybe your baby is already up on hands-and-knees, revving himself up by rocking forward and backward.  These are the precursors to sitting independently and creeping forward on hands-and-knees.

From sitting upright, how do babies reverse the sequence back to hands-and-knees?  We look forward to your questions and comments.


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  1. Eliza says:

    And then there’s the wonderful lying on the side; leading to side-elbow-supported; leading to side-hand-supported; leading to sitting. I think the sequences leading to independent sitting are some of the most fun!

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