FloorMoves™ Babies get Social Jump Start

In a new study published in the journal for Developmental Science found that “early motor experiences can shape infants’ preferences for objects and faces…

For parents who participate in our FloorMoves sessions as described in our ABM Book, you know the importance of your baby’s early movement experiences.  We emphasize self-motivated  movement development, social interactions and play explorations, as follows:

1. Our active parenting guide helps parents recognize the Essential Movement Patterns in their baby’s first year.

2. Parents learn to read their baby’s social communication cues to be more responsive in face-to-face interactions.

3. Parents discover the important value in letting their baby explore in self-motivated play to develop new motor skills in action.

All babies need to be successful in their actions and social interactions! Being an active, tuned-in parent, you can also choose a variety of responses in different situations to encourage your baby’s self-motivated movement, social and play development.

“This study supports a growing body of evidence that early motor development and self-produced motor experiences contribute to infants’ understanding of the social world around them.”  Provided by Kennedy Krieger Institute “Early motor experiences give infants a social jump start.” September 9th, 2011.

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