Dads Support Dads!

Looking out my window, I noticed two dads walking with their toddlers, when they met up across the street. One father was pushing a stroller and an older toddler was walking alongside her dad with their dog. As the dads were catching up on the latest news, one father pushed the stroller back and forth, keeping a rhythmic connection with his toddler.

After some time, the dads went their separate ways, when a new father appeared from next door carrying his week old baby gingerly. Being new at putting the car seat with baby in it in the car, his movements were delicate and precise so as not to disturb his baby. One father with his toddler crossed the street to see the baby and congratulate the new father. They stood for the longest time, gazing at the new baby and chatting together. In these little day-to-day interactions, dads support dads!

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