7 ABC Tips for Dads – Attuning, Bonding and Calming your Baby

A delightful feature at Amazing Babies Moving is talking to first time parents.  Recently I was talking to a new Dad.  Having a baby encourages new parents to develop sensitive communication skills so they can be more responsive to their baby’s expressive communication cues. Here’s How:

  1. Notice how you are holding your baby in your arms when sitting, standing or walking.
  2. Embrace your baby in a C-curve in your arms close to your chest.
  3. Gazing at your baby begin vocalizing a humming sound.
  4. Does your baby calm down as she/he listens to your voice?
  5. Experiment with other cooing and soothing sounds.
  6. Pause and observe your baby’s responses.
  7. Your baby may be enjoying the sound vibrations from your chest.

You may also notice that when you are humming, you are relaxing too.  The more you use your body to sense, feel and become aware of your own responses, the more sensitive you will be to your baby’s preverbal communication cues.

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