Babies on the Move Naturally

What babies do most in the first year is to move and explore what they can do with their body. A number of parents have told us that there is very little information available about the early stages of natural movement development.

There is a natural progression to your baby’s movement development – first lifting his head, rolling, crawling, sitting, creeping, standing and walking. During this time, you’ll learn to recognize the essential movement patterns that underlie these developmental milestones.

The best way to encourage your baby’s natural movement development is to clear a space on the floor for your baby’s FloorMoves activities. Make this a special place with enough space for you and your baby. Choose a time when your baby is rested, fed, dry and alert. The time you choose should be good for you too. Place your baby on a clean padded surface on the floor. Allow yourself 10 – 20 minutes a day when you can be fully attentive with your baby.

Supporting these FloorMoves activities with babies enhances their developing body awareness, balance, coordination and functional skills. This one-on-one time will become a favorite part of every day for your baby and a wondrous journey for you. From this foundation that encourages freedom of movement and exploration, your baby will show you her unique abilities and amazing accomplishments!

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