Babies’ Movement Shapes Spinal Curve 2

In our last Blog, we learned how the babies’ movement explorations in Tummy Time Play develop the first reverse curve of their spine. You will notice that this is visible in your 4-month old baby’s shapely neck curve.

In the Locomotion Stage, the babies’ movement explorations shape the second reverse curve of their spine. From 6-12 months, babies are mastering the ever-present force of gravity when lifting their bellies up, creeping on hands and knees, progressing to verticality in independent sitting, standing and walking. All these actions that lead to these developmental milestones, shape the second reverse curve in the low back (the lumbar curve). The developmental process helps us to understand how function (body movement) influences form (spinal curves) in the healthy development of the natural S-curve shape of the spine.

How will you use this information with your baby?

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  1. Beverly,

    How much can a parent help their child be whole and happy? With the information you offer they can surely participate in the child’s development and well being. Actually, last evening, I was teaching adults some of the same stuff. To understand design and function will lead to better and happier bodies. Spinal Curves, so important. They are often taken for granted, until something is curving the wrong way and then all the stress and pain that can result. I look forward to knowing more of what you know. Your new book was on my xmas list, but didn’t get it. So, I will have to go get it myself. I look forward to the read.



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