Babies are Motivated to Move!

Clear the floor and join your baby’s FloorMoves sessions every day. You will find exploring these essential movements an exhilarating workout. As early as one month, babies lying on their back, kick and cycle their legs and extend and flex their arms. When babies begin Tummy Time with a few minutes each day, gradually by two months, they will be able to support themselves on their forearms (with fisted hands) and lift and turn their head to each side with more ease. In these significant explorations, babies are experiencing both the pull of gravity on their body and their ability to move and master gravity.

We promote Parenting through Movement for a Healthy Lifestyle and a happy, healthy, motivated baby. Medical Researchers suggest the optimal age for instilling healthy eating and activity behaviors is before age 2. When we encourage each baby’s natural motivation to move, we can prevent sedentary habits and promote the Joy of Movement for the whole family. (see The Cost of Obesity – Huffington Post Health, Mar. 7, 2011)

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