Amazing Babies Moving® Training August 2015

Amazing Babies Moving® Training August 2015

Developmental Movement Education in the Baby’s First Year
Attend this professional training with Beverly Stokes, author and leader in the field of baby movement research and developmental movement education. The ABM Training is an integrated approach that facilitates natural movement development, expressive communication and self-motivated learning in babies.

Develop your work with Babies, Parents and Caregivers
The ABM Professional Training will expand the skills of professionals, educators and parents to support the baby’s movement, social and cognitive development. Participants will positively influence a baby’s development by exploring the Developmental Movements and nonverbal exercises to understand the baby’s natural preverbal communication cues. New research on the baby’s motivation in social interactions and goal directed actions in the environment will be presented.

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Dates, Price, Registration:

Dates: August 17 – 21, 2015 (Mon-Fri)
Location: Lucas Valley Center, San Rafael, CA
Workshop Fee: $895 with Early Bird Special Fee of $845 if paid by July 10th.

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