A Healthy Start for Your Happy, Mobile Baby

We encourage parents to participate in their baby’s FloorMoves™ Sessions every day. The essential movement patterns develop naturally in these day-to-day movement and social interactions that build your baby’s brain, body and joy of movement.

A Huffington Post Article (Feb. 20th), The Innate Genius of Baby Brains by Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D.
states that: “In the first six months after birth, the brain capacity has reached 50% of its adult potential;
by the age of three, it has reached 80%.”

In our Amazing Babies Moving approach we learn how the Pre-Locomotion Baby (newborn – to the end of 5 months) begins to develop the essential patterns of movement, take the lead in social interactions and develop problem-solving skills in self-motivated play. Six months is when the Locomotion Baby begins to put everything they have previously explored and learned into action. Please post your comments and let us know what you think is essential for your baby.

If you are interested, or know someone who is interested, in our August 15-19, 2011,  Amazing Babies Moving 5-Day Workshop, please visit our website: www.amazingbabiesmoving.com

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