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BOOK - Amazing Babies Moving


I recommend this book to all new and experienced parents and to child care providers

Beverly Stokes’ thorough research has proved valuable in assisting both parents and health care professionals how to understand and promote a strong, mobile, and happy baby. The most novel aspect is her teaching “how to change your body position to interact body-to-body and face-to-face with your baby.” Many parents come with good intentions of enhancing their child’s development, with list of motor milestones and joining child play groups. Amazing Babies Moving, complete with interactive ideas and numerous examples, ties everything together by promoting the caretaker’s interaction at the child’s level as these wonderful new skills emerge.

I recommend this book to all new and experienced parents and to child care providers who are looking for a well-rounded and comprehensive reference to enhance a child’s development during the first year.

Lynn Briggs, MS, PT – Physical Therapy Department, University of Rochester Medical Center

Great resources in the field of early intervention!

The Amazing Babies Moving Book and Amazing Babies: Moving in the First Year DVD  are great resources for helping students and professionals working in the field of early intervention to get a handle on what typical development looks like as well as to understand the range of what is considered typical.  I would highly recommend these resources for all preservice and inservice educators.

Ted Burke, Director, Illinois Early Intervention Training Program


Amazing Babies®: Vol. 1 Moving in the First Year

“Beverly Stokes has captured in beautifully video vignettes some of the major developmental sequences the baby shows in early life.  I strongly recommend the video for educators and laypersons alike.”

Joseph J. Campos, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley

Amazing Toddlers™: Vol. 2 Moving, Communicating, Learning

I look forward to using the Amazing Toddlers video as an accompaniment to the Amazing Babies video with our students in the 0-3 Montessori training course.

Judi Orion, Director of Infancy Training, The Montessori Institute, Denver, CO


Beverly’s attitude of profound respect for the journey of human movement development informs all of the instructional material. The week was nothing short of AMAZING!”

Christine Culbert, RN, BSN, CCE, Certified Childhood Educator